The sound of waves

It is a coming-of-age story of the protagonist Shinji and his romance with Hatsue, the beautiful daughter of the wealthy ship owner Terukichi.

The sound of waves

Pssst… we can write an original essay just for you. Any type of essay. Through powerful symbols and juxtaposition, Mishima effectively expresses his anger towards the devastating effects of the war, such as a corrupted society, on Japan.

The Second World War transformed Japan economically and socially; furthermore, it significantly influenced the way the writers began to write Japanese history: After the war Japanese writers began to write The sound of waves darker connotations.

The Sound of Waves () - IMDb

Even though, he transmitted the same dark message as other writers of his era, he hid it with symbols. Mishima use of symbols like the ocean and the weather represents the loss of culture that Westernization brought upon Japan.

The ocean is one of the most important elements of the novel. Since Uta-jima is surrounded by it, it washes away the impurities from the city. The people, who never left the island, are pure, simple and honest.

The village, in contrast with the city, is not modernized; this adds to the theme of Westernization, the island, which is perceived as more peaceful and honest than the city, represents traditional Japan, and the city, which is rapidly adopting the greedy customs of the West, represents the new Japan.

People that leave the island, like Hiroshi, Yasuo and Chiyoko, are seen as evil. Through this Mishima shows how the westernized Japan corrupts people. When Hiroshi comes back from his trip to the city, he is more disrespectful towards his mother.

The storms play a very important role in challenging Shinji to become corrupt. They encourage him and Hatsue to break the moral codes; they do not, however, proving that some people have not been corrupted yet. Nevertheless, Shinji shows that he is capable of saving the day. Also, this task is very significant to the novel, because it is when Shinji is struggling to survive that he goes from a young fishing boy, to a man.

The weather and the ocean contrast each other. While the ocean impedes Westernization, the weather encourages it. This supports how there needs to be respect to the older ways.

The rivalry between Yasuo and Shinji represents the conflict in Japan between which is better the old or the young.

The Sound of Waves () - IMDb

Through his main characters, Mishima represents important features of Post and Pre World War 2 Japan; this is significant because the contrast between these characters shows how traditional Japan is more honest than westernized Japan.

Shinji is not very intelligent, however he is very hardworking, righteous and honest; his personality represents old Japan. Since the lighthouse keeper helped him pass high school, in return he takes him fish for dinner. Mishima mourned traditional Japan he demonstrates his frustration towards this change in his book; he asserts his message through the main character Shinji.

Even though his impulses urge him to make love to Hatsue he respects her choice of not breaking the moral codes when they are at the lighthouse.

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Sorry! Something went wrong! The woman is Hatsue Miyata, daughter of the owner of two oceangoing freighters, who has been living with adoptive parents on another island. The boy cannot get her image out of his mind.
Customers who bought this item also bought It is a coming-of-age story of the protagonist Shinji and his romance with Hatsue, the beautiful daughter of the wealthy ship owner Terukichi.

This respect for women and moral codes shows Old Japan qualities. Yasuo, contrary to Shinji, is greedy, violent, rude, manipulative and stubborn.The Sound of Waves is the Japanese Romeo and Juliet, with lyrical, elegant writing.

The sound of waves

Like the pearl divers in the novel, the reader discovers treasured insights into another culture with the timeless conflicts and emotions of first love.4/4(25). The Sound of Waves is an example of this “dance” where the story appears to be very delicate and simple, but it has an important meaning that reflects Japan was being corrupted by western influences that the war brought.

The Sound of Waves has 8, ratings and reviews. Jr said: The fresh morning breeze blows through your face, the sun is rising in the far horizon. An /5. Set in a remote fishing village in Japan, this is a story of first love.

Shinji is entranced at the sight of Hatsue in the twilight on the beach, upon her return from another island, where she had been training to . The Sound of Waves (Vintage International) - Kindle edition by Yukio Mishima, Meredith Weatherby. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading The Sound of Waves (Vintage International).Reviews: Aug 03,  · March 11th, , a huge earthquake followed by a giant tsunami strikes the coastal regions of Tohoku in Japan.

Starting in the district of Taro, where an old lady and her sister reflect on /5(25).

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