The australian constitution essay

Whereas the House of Representatives was able to avoid any debate about the war and Australia's participation, [n 3] [14] the Democrats took full advantage of the opportunity to move for a debate in the Senate.

The australian constitution essay

And even those who declare an interest in a new flag are divided on what that design should be. But why is this all coming to the fore again? Since then, talkback host Tom Eliott — among others — has come out defending the current Australian flag with its Union Jack. Fighting for the Union Jack?

Few realise the overwhelming majority of theAustralians who fought and died for the British Empire did so under the Union Jack, not the current Australian flag — as did the New Zealanders who died in the world wars.

The australian constitution essay

Key understands this and is boldly setting New Zealand on a path which, in my view, Australia should follow. Prior to that, Australians were more familiar with the red ensign. This was the civil ensign and was recognised as the unofficial Australian flag after Federation.

The Australian Constitution Essay - Formed in , The Australian Constitution is a document consisting of a formal set of rules associated with informal conventions that cooperate with political institutions to establish governance of a polity. Related Documents: australian constitution Essay Essay on The constitution 10/04/13 The Constitution-Balancing Competing Interests During the late s, there were various conflicts within the government of the United States of America. ACM Essay Competition (Junior) Winner Carissa Andrews, Grade 7 (age 11) Harlaxton State School On the 1st of January , Australia's Constitution became exactly years old.

The blue ensign existed but was in limited circulation. At the opening of Parliament House in the flags flown were the Union Jack and the red ensign — not the blue one we currently take to be our flag.

The red ensign was prominent at the opening of Parliament House in Parliament House Art Collection. As the American comedian Jerry Seinfeld once said, the current Australian flag is the British flag on a starry night.

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The dominant top left quadrant belongs to the flag of another nation, making Australia symbolically subordinate to Britain. That is an anachronism. A flag that matches our identity Post-war migration from war-torn Europe helped further differentiate Australia from Britain.

Does the Aussie flag still represent Australia well? Replacing it would be an opportunity to acknowledge who we are as a nation.

The australian constitution essay

Brendan Lambourne In the meantime, Britain favoured trade with its European neighbours at the expense of its imperial offshoots. Today many are uncomfortable flying it, seeing it as a symbol of division and disunity associated with reaction and fringe politics. Finding a winning compromise Now, more than two centuries after the first British colonists arrived, Prime Minister Tony Abbott is seeking to acknowledge in our constitution Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people — a profoundly important step for all of our citizens.

Progress towards a new flag has been delayed in part by the lack of an evocative design that would capture the imagination. There are several touchstone symbols that can either attract or repel supporters to alternative flag designs.


First is the Union Jack. To some no flag will be acceptable if this is removed, yet to others this is exactly the most repellent feature. Some kind of accommodation is necessary on this point.Australia's Most Prestigious Essay Competition.

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Australian Constitutional Law Research Essay Assignment. Topics - the division of powers and separation of powers.

As a parent club to the breed, USASA represents Australian Shepherd breeders and owners across the United States and around the world. We are dedicated to promoting, preserving, and protecting our wonderful Australian Shepherd breed. Australian Constitution - Essay – Like the American political system, the Australian system is divided into two levels (federal and local), For instance the FED cannot tell the local government how to make their local laws and regulate their government and the local can’t do that to the FED.

The Australian Constitution and the United States’ 14th Amendment essay will explain the process through which the framers of the Constitution adapting the 14th Amendment in the Australian Constitution was the right choice.

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