Salesforce case analysis

Find out more How can 4C help you? No matter where your business is on its digital transformation journey, our four core competencies of DesignBuildLearn and Evolve can help you to shape the Salesforce platform around your customer needs, and help become you the customer company that you deserve to be. Design Our Design team specialise in planning superior customer centric experiences and designing a customer journey that allow for business success.

Salesforce case analysis

Create an Analysis Tutorial: Create an Analysis Create an analysis, add a visual using AutoGraph, and add another visual by choosing a specific visual type.

Salesforce case analysis

This procedure builds on the data set you create and prepare using the steps in Tutorial: Create a Prepared Data Set. Create the Analysis Create the analysis. On the Amazon QuickSight start page, choose New analysis. On the analysis page, choose Date and Return visitors in the Fields list pane.

Amazon QuickSight creates a line chart using this data. Create a Scatter Plot Visual Create a visual by choosing a visual type and dragging fields to the field wells. On the analysis page, choose Add and then Add visual on the application bar. A new, blank visual is created, and AutoGraph is selected by default.

Salesforce case analysis

In the Visual types pane, choose the scatter plot icon. Choose fields in the Fields list pane to add to the Field wells pane.

Choose Desktop Uniques to populate the X axis field well. Choose Mobile Uniques to populate the Y axis field well. A scatter plot is created using these fields.Learn how current small business customers have used Salesforce from CRM Case Studies to improve their operation, as well as other benefits and advantages.

Why Optimize IT? Optimize IT Systems is an end-to-end solutions provider with a firm grasp of the full system life-cycle, providing services in solutions consulting, product conceptualization and implementation, user documentation, operations and maintenance support.

We transform small, established & enterprise-level businesses in the UK into customer-focused companies and optimise existing Salesforce & CRM solutions.

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It helps that their powerful cloud-based marketing automation software helps them analyze and plan for the very things we are talking about. AWS Case Study Argus Media Argus is an independent media organisation, with headquarters in London and offices in the principal commodity centres worldwide.


How can 4C help you? Many advantages and disadvantages come with using the software-as-a-service model.

Sales Force Automation Advantages The super weapon in today’s competitive business is information. Information can indicates organization to know its situation, environment, competitors and most importantly customers.

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