Public affairs government relations case studies

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Public affairs government relations case studies

A now decades-old study by the U. Office of Management and Budget found over 5, federal employees officially designated as "information specialists" and estimated that the total number of federal employees doing work that would be considered public relations in the private sector would be at least five to seven times that number.

And, as is true of so many other aspects of government in the United States, the public relations patterns set by the federal government were interpreted as virtual mandates by state and local governments.

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A variety of state and local laws and regulations were enacted to limit or prohibit public relations efforts by government, and many of them are "strictly enforced" today. There are very few people or agencies at any level of government who have the words "public relations" in their titles or their job responsibilities, but there are thousands of public information officers and public information specialists throughout state and local governments.

Government communicators link government and the people. It may sound overly dramatic, but government communicators can and do make life or death differences in people's lives.

Consider, for instance, needy people who learn they're eligible for free food or medical care by reading government produced and distributed brochures for Food Stamps, the Women, Infants and Children WIC Supplementary Food Program, the Surplus Commodity Distribution Program, Medicare, or Medicaid; victims saved from further abuse, or even death, because television public service announcements about child abuse, spouse abuse, and elder abuse publicized toll-free hotlines and encouraged people to use them for reporting abuse; people saved from using defective products -- whether a bean bag inadvertently filled with toxic beans or a car whose fuel line is likely to rupture and start an engine fire -- because of news releases or press conferences by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the National Transportation Safety Board, or their counterparts at the state or local levels.

Not all government communication is so meaningful or so dramatic. There's lots of dull, boring, and routine communication too. The explanation of how to fill out new tax forms, the announcements about new hours at the drivers' license bureau, this year's hunting seasons, or the new fees for obtaining birth certificates, and the publicity about the appointment of new members to various commissions and boards are just a few examples.

Whether it's dull and boring or dramatically life-changing, the information, issues, and policies that government communicators deal with do directly and often significantly affect the everyday lives of their publics.


Working in government is different than working in business. Regardless of a government employees' duties -- whether they involve communication, accounting, or janitorial services -- and regardless of the level or agency of government for which they work, there are four characteristics that make working for government very different than working for a profit-motivated business or even a private, non-profit organization.

These differences affect government communicators at least as much as, if not more than, they affect other government employees. The unique characteristics of government employment which are more fully discussed on another linked page include: Considering a job or a career in government communication?

At the entry level, and at least part way into middle-level communication management positions, government salaries are at least comparable to those in the private sector, and benefits such as health care and retirement programs are often much better than the private sector's.

There are also predictable and reliable salary increases defined by the civil service or merit employment system.

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A public information specialist who simply does his or her job and avoids unsatisfactory ratings during annual reviews is essentially guaranteed a set raise every year.

This kind of security and automatic salary increases is very attractive to some people, but the idea of a set raise can be a disincentive to others. While the raise is essentially guaranteed, it's also rigidly limited.

Public affairs government relations case studies

No matter how hard you work and how much you excel, your raise will be no more than co-workers who do only the minimum necessary to avoid an unsatisfactory rating.Corporate Government Relations and Public Policy must approve any use of company funds for lobbying.

All federal lobbying activities are disclosed under the Lobbying Disclosure Act (LDA), which requires that reports be filed quarterly with the United States Congress.

for the Examination for Accreditation in Public Relations A Preparation Tool for Candidates relations professional organizations and public affairs practitioners in the Department of Defense.

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These. Advancement History & Trends Advancement Services Alumni Relations Campus & External Relations Career & Professional Development Communications Assessment & Benchmarking Communications Plans Community Relations Crisis Management Government Relations Image Management Internal Communications Media Relations Online & Electronic Communications.

Program coursework should include classes in public relations, communication principles, writing, government and governmental affairs, public speaking, and advertising.

Some positions require. Government-elected officials and policymakers thrive on public relations, whether it is announcing a new program or law, or in seeking feedback or assistance with crime, emergency services or .

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