Print handwriting analysis

But did you know that by studying the various handwriting styles that people use, you can learn a little about their disposition, stress level, and even their blood pressure? You can indeed, and the study of handwriting styles is known as graphology, or handwriting analysis. Forensic handwriting analysis is different from graphology, and is used to compare samples to validate authenticity or match two samples to the same individual either in police investigations or for a historical purpose. The more broad definition of penmanship of course encompasses any written word, but as handwriting evolved, so too did the various hands or scripts that we used to write.

Print handwriting analysis

print handwriting analysis

What does that mean? With other positive attributes, it can become a real gift. A mixture of printing and script that is, joined up letters is called PrintScript — for obvious reasons! Script above on the left — Printing above on the right And what it means is that the writer is writing script but is allowing intuition to flow at the same time.

Printing with gaps between letters Gaps between letters within script is intuition. Writing which is totally printed is just printing and does not qualify for intuition, but if you write some of your letters joined on to each other, but leave gaps between others, then you can claim intuition.

This does not mean you are psychic! In fact, in studying the print handwriting analysis of dozens of psychics, medical intuitives, medium etc I have found that most of them do not show intuition in their writing at all.

So this is not what we mean by intuition. The gaps between letters indicate a 6th sense, and intuitive knowing. It can show in someone who just seems to come up with ideas out of nowhere — and usually on the spur of the moment. Most people get that feeling at some time, but only those with strong intuition are likely to act on it.

Intuition shows a great deal in the writing of fiction writers, who, surprisingly enough often do not show the actual trait of imagination, but usually do show strong intuition.

They come up with their marvellous stories, plots and characters by getting a feel for the fictional environment they are creating, and as a result everything flows and we get drawn in as we read.

And it shows in the writers of musicians. Manual dexterity is as additional plus for anyone physically playing an instrument, but intuition is what make the different between playing, or singing, the correct notes, and creating true and beautiful music.

The next time she allowed her intuition to take over and the result was like night and day over the first version. The other side of that of course, is that intuition is also is an indication of musical appreciation. Intuition is the ability to come to conclusions without apparent conscious thought processes.

It is a feeling rather than a logical understanding.

print handwriting analysis

The more intuitive breaks that occur, the intuition the individual is employing. However there can be too much of a good thing! Especially if the writing is otherwise not well organized, or showing good thought processes, the intuition can result in scattered thought.

Even in a well organized intuitive, this 6th sense can result in the changing the subject as they talk, because of some other idea that has just plopped into their mind. This is can be good and even come across as inspired when in a stable, intelligent individual.

Although even then it can make keeping up with their conversation something of a challenge for others!Try writing the same sentence now in cursive (even if you usually print), then read on to see how graphologists might characterize you.

(Note: Each analysis corresponds to the handwriting sample to its right.). Handwriting analysis (also known as graphology) can even be used for detecting lies and revealing possible health ailments. Check out the infographic below to learn what your handwriting .

Print Handwriting Practice. Practice writing words in standard print. This page allows you to create a worksheet of text for printing practice. Enter the text you want to be on the page in the large box below, and it will be rendered using traditional print lettering.

Try writing the same sentence now in cursive (even if you usually print), then read on to see how graphologists might characterize you.

(Note: Each analysis corresponds to the handwriting . Mar 19,  · To learn graphology, or how to analyze handwriting, look at the pressure of the stroke. High pressure means high emotional energy, average pressure means a calm but anchored person, and light pressure could mean the person is an introvert%(79).

How we connect our letters gives information on how we connect with other people. When we don't connect our letters, as is the nature of printing, we have trouble with our interpersonal relationships because, at the personality level, there is no true.

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