Michael chabon essay david foster wallace

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Michael chabon essay david foster wallace

Keep quiet and I will let you in on a secret. Nobody dares say this in the literary world, but novelists have scaled back their ambitions in recent years.

All big projects have been put on hold.

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Special clauses are being inserted in publishing contracts. And no one wants to be the first to sign. Nowadays, fiction has been downscaled, just like your job, your car and your K. Even the phrase Great American Novel is now off limits—only uttered with a sharply ironic tone.

Michael chabon essay david foster wallace

For your own good, you should practice saying it in front of a mirror. Put a Snidely Whiplash sneer on your face and spit it out between clenched teeth: Trust me, if you get the tone just right it will help you earn a tenured position in the English Department.

Michael chabon essay david foster wallace

In short, big, sprawling books are dead. But somebody forgot to tell David Foster Wallace. While everyone else was downscaling, he was working on Infinite Jest.

Wallace clearly was operating under the old Pynchon-house rules. Whoops, that title was taken a few years later by Wallace admirer David Eggers, but you get the idea. Yes, there are footnotes in Infinite Jest—all of them in a tiny font, and some of them as lengthy as New Yorker short stories.

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This book seemed a non-starter even before it used up the first toner cartridge on the Wallace family printer. But our clueless author miraculously found a publisher, and must have gotten the three requisite signatures, because Infinite Jest arrived, with a heavy thud on the loading dock, at your local bookstore on February 1,just in time serve as the perfect Groundhog Day present.

When they put it on the scale at the checkout counter, everyone gasped: Even more surprising, this daunting book found its audience, garnering praise from delighted readers and enthusiastic reviewers.

And the accolade is probably deserved. Even stranger, these four novels have seemingly little to do with one another—although the author eventually forces them together with brazen contempt for literary decorum. First, Wallace has written the Great Sports Novel, a detailed and brilliant account of life in a very competitive tennis academy.

Wallace has grafted on to this coming-of-age tale an equally detailed and gut-wrenchingly honest novel about recovering addicts in a halfway house.Citing David Foster Wallace, Jonathan Ames, Jonathan Franzen and Michael Chabon, among others, she writes: Too Cool for Sex: The New York Times Castrates Hipster Male Authors – Flavorwire Art.

Sep 21,  · CONSIDER THE AUTHOR David Foster Wallace in “The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay,” by Michael Chabon — are more accessible, easier to connect with and to give prizes to. They.

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