Lumen and absorb team

Circulatory Loops There are 2 primary circulatory loops in the human body:

Lumen and absorb team

Bayonetta Bayonetta is portrayed as a beautiful woman with a slender yet curvy figure much like the other Umbra Witches in her clan. She has black hair wrapped into a beehive-like hairdo with Lumen and absorb team bang sweeping to the right, and gray eyes with a beauty mark located at the bottom of her left cheek, close to her lips.

Basic norms for the formation of permanent deacons

Her main attire is composed of a skin-tight suit made out of her hair that has a rose design on the abdomen with long white gloves, black and gray heels, thin gold chains, three small belts strapped on each arm, and a pair of gold, cat-shaped earrings.

Her signature look is made from her glasses that have the design of butterfly wings close to the lenses. Bayonetta wears an Umbran Watch over her bust that contains a red jewel thought to be the Left Eye.

Four metal symbols are attached to her hair, three of them in the shape of the crescent moon and the other is the symbol of the Umbra Witches. Bayonetta also has a red hair ribbon wrapped around her hairdo that extends down to her legs, covered in demonic language.

At the end of the game, she wears a rosemary flower in her hair. Because of her hair-based fighting techniques, Bayonetta's outfit becomes more revealing when she uses Wicked Weave techniques.

Her suit's inner section remains running up the middle and back of her body and her hair drapes over her chest to cover it, but the rest of the suit and the sleeves of hair vanish and trail outwards from her head in a spiral of hair and gold chain used to summon the demonic limbs.

When summoning full demons, the entire suit disappears and leaves behind her gloves, shoes and watch. Bloody Fate Bayonetta's appearance in Bloody Fate is very similar to her appearance in the first game with a few slight differences. Her earrings have changed to golden crescent moon shapes with red jewels at their tops and the medallions hanging from her 'sleeves' of hair have been removed.

The black pattern around her wrists has also changed to a simple ring of black and the extra loop of leather above her shoes has been removed as well.

Apart from these changes, she still retains her former outfit's major features. Bayonetta 2 In the sequel, Bayonetta retains the use of a skin-tight black suit, though the designs of the previous suit have been radically altered.

The gold chains have been removed and replaced with thinner silver ones and jagged patterns resembling roses and thorns are placed along her thighs and stomach. Her gloves have changed to include a dark blue colour on the palms with a Renaissance-style flair added onto each wrist. A similar flair is also around the collar on her neck.

The backs of her legs feature a diamond pattern than run from her upper thighs down to her heels, which expose her skin and her shoes feature a new design of black and silver linings with silver figurines somewhat resembling Madama Butterfly-or another female figure-along the back.

The former sleeves formed by her hair have now become a cloak that drapes over her shoulders and front with points on top of either shoulder.

Both the cloak's medallion decorations and her earrings have changed to form a blue triangle-like pattern with hexagons. Her glasses are of a new design based upon the imagery of rosemary and her Umbran Watch now hangs from a chain on her chest from the collar.

The biggest noticeable change to Bayonetta, however, is her hairstyle.The all new Bell Helicopter is bound to make you go all gaga over it. But that luxury will surely come at a heavy price.

Lumen and absorb team

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