Introduction to study on psychology postmoderism pakistan

Life is merely a summary of the cultural aspects of the social community since there is no unified self.

Introduction to study on psychology postmoderism pakistan

For a long period of time, the discipline of Psychology remained a part of Philosophy and classes were held jointly till Inthe Department of Psychology was established as an independent Department under the Chairmanship of Prof.

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Muhammad Ajmal, a renowned Psychologist, teacher, scholar and mentor. Mission Statement The mission statement of the department is to produce knowledgeable, self aware, thoughtful, responsible and well adjusted individuals who are responsive to the needs of rapidly changing social world.

To achieve these objectives, the Department of Psychology GCU endeavors to enhance the understanding of students about social, environmental and cultural factors relevant to mental health and also enable them apply this knowledge in their own lives for better adjustment and learning.

Introduction to study on psychology postmoderism pakistan

TOP To make education more interactive and to increase the conceptual clarity of the students, formal teaching is supplemented with scientifically designed classroom activities, workshops, seminars, extension lectures, and the use of audio-visual aids. The Department has academic links with numerous organizations including hospitals and Institutes of Special Education for internships and research collaboration.

Departmental Library The Seminar Library of the Department has the latest books on all important fields of study.

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The departmental library is equipped with national and international research journals, more than 4, books and about 3, research articles compiled by the department. Soft copies of MPhil dissertations are also available.

On-line access to full-text articles of the American Psychological Association: Researchers can search thousands of articles from hundreds of peer-reviewed journals since Access to the materials of more than tests relevant to the fields of Clinical, Social, Developmental, Counselling and Cognitive Psychology are available, with purpose-built furniture, the testing room is a comfortable place for studying and administering tests to clients properly.

Our aim is to equip students with knowledge and research skills necessary to address wider intellectual problems faced by the community in academic and professional settings. To achieve this, we continue to develop a number of strategies and facilities. Dissertations are put to plagiarism check before submission.Postmodern feminism is an approach to feminist theory that incorporates postmodern and post-structuralist theory, seeing itself as moving beyond the modernist polarities .

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The Virtual University, Pakistan’s first University based completely on modern Information and Communication Technologies was established by the Government as a public sector.

The Virtual University of Pakistan holds a Federal Charter, making its degrees recognized and accepted all over the country as well as overseas.

Introduction to Psychology Psychology studies the human mind and behaviour and seeks to understand and explain thought and emotion. Most Psychology programmes seek to give the student a broad background in practical applications, experimental methodology, .

Due to Rizvi's influence, nine of Pakistan's 16 postgraduate psychology departments require students to take at least one course in Muslim psychology.

And, even though Pakistani psychologists use Western research methodology, they increasingly study issues and problems specific to their own culture. “Introduction to Criminological Theory (Chapter 1).

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