Individual nursing graduate study research paper

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Individual nursing graduate study research paper

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This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract Graduate nursing education in the United States is undergoing major transformations, as a result of factors both within nursing and in the larger society. In this paper the authors examine the trends and factors that are influencing the changes, especially in doctoral education, for both nurse scientist and advanced practice preparation.

The paper provides a background that serves as context, it gives an overview of the PhD and the DNP degrees, focusing on the recent changes and identifying the most compelling issues and concerns, ending with a series of recommendations. Education, Nursing, Graduate, Nursing Introduction Graduate education in nursing in the United States is undergoing a major transformation at present.

A number of factors are converging to create these changes and the final results, although not entirely clear at present, are likely to change the landscape of graduate education in nursing in fundamental ways. At the same time, a growing need for more nurse scientists is resulting in major changes in PhD education which include an emphasis on entry into research training at much earlier stages of a nursing career 2.

The changes under way are intended to increase the cadre of nurse scientists and advanced practice nurses needed to address the pressing health problems in society and to expand the number of nurses needed in the future, given the rise in patient population expected as a result of the Affordable Care Act ACA.

While these types of changes are occurring primarily in the U. These changes could have global implications in the near or distant future.

Working as a Nurse His apprenticeship in thinking:

This paper examines the major educational and social trends and the resulting changes that are occurring in graduate preparation for nurse scientists and advanced practice nurses in the U. The developments in both PhD and DNP education in nursing will be examined as they have been evolving over the last 10 years.

Based on curricular features we will identify how faculty who teach in graduate nursing programs are being affected.

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Finally, based on findings and current realities, we offer recommendations for consideration. Expansion of program offerings continued, gaining momentum in the mids with the move of the nursing research enterprise under the National Institutes of Health NIHfirst under a new Center for Nursing Research, and a few years later, under a full-fledged Institute for Nursing Research NINR.

NINR has been funding nursing research through training programs as well as research support to individual scientists investigating nursing phenomena, using existing funding mechanisms within NIH.

The training programs are for PhD study and for postdoctoral research, funding made either through institutional grants or to individual applicants directly.

In addition, NINR has an intramurally funded program as well. There have been other funders for research or research training, but none has been as influential as the Federal government via the NIH.

Doctoral programs continued to expand through the decades, increasing options available to nurses; concurrently, nursing adopted NIH values and instituted career trajectories that prevailed at NIH and its institutes.

For a while doctoral degree types proliferated, but that trend was discontinued, as most schools offering nursing doctoral level study were focused on research - both its training and for the study of nursing science. Thus, the majority of schools have converted their degrees to the PhD, both prospectively and retrospectively, and are authorizing their past graduates to use the PhD designation.

The new designation in use for programs focused on research preparation is "research-focused doctoral programs. General satisfaction is expressed about the state of the PhD, yet there are some areas that require attention.

Individual nursing graduate study research paper

The first issue is the unevenness in the research mentoring process and the extent to which doctoral students systematically work with faculty on funded projects.

This unevenness exists both across schools as well as within a given school. The reasons vary, the most obvious one is that not all faculty members who mentor students have funded projects, and secondly, many PhD students hold full-time jobs and do not spend time on campus beyond the hours required for courses.

Inthe American Association of Colleges of Nursing 5 published a position statement on a doctorate in nursing practice, a degree that would align nursing with other health professions, and would prepare individuals for the highest level of practice. At that time, four practice-focused programs existed, each offering its own conception of what such a degree might look like.

In the decade since the position statement we have seen phenomenal growth in the DNP, which now stands atwith several others in the preparation stage 3.

The concerns were connected not only to individuals in terms of the limited number of years during which they could be productive scholars, but there was concern from both the perspective of the profession and the nation as a whole, in that this late start of scholarly productivity deprived the nation and the profession of the potential contribution these individuals could make if their scholarly careers were to begin earlier in their lives.

They further recommended doubling the number of PhD degree holders in nursing. Thus the emphases were on addressing the nursing shortage, improving quality and increasing the overall impact of nurses within the health care system. Since the completion and release of the report RWJ has assumed the lead role in implementing the recommendations of the IOM report.

As well, others have joined in providing their support at the implementation phase; two examples are the Hillman Foundation 9and the Jonas Foundation.Good research paper starters lotf symbolism essay the great michigan university admission essay hippo therapy research papers milk movie analysis essay, Graduate nursing goals essay Graduate nursing goals essay.

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Individual nursing graduate study research paper

this qualitative case study is to understand administrators’ management of various student behaviors, collection of building-level data around student conduct, and use of such data to make student-level and building-level decisions for improvement.

Methods. An observational study design was used. Research (project) managers, healthcare aides, care managers, nursing home administrators and directors of care from thirty-six nursing homes in the Canadian prairie provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba provided data for the study.

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