How to write a letter of leniency for a speeding fine

Many travelers find themselves on the New York State Thruway, where the police are notorious for giving out plenty of traffic tickets.

How to write a letter of leniency for a speeding fine

Type one or two sentences, telling the judge why you are writing, explaining that you are asking for leniency.

how to write a letter of leniency for a speeding fine

While you want to keep this section as concise as possible, you want to be as specific as you can to make sure that the judge knows which case you are referring to.

Introduce Yourself Type a paragraph introducing yourself to the judge, including only information about yourself that is pertinent in you writing a letter of leniency for the individual you are writing for.

For example, you may tell the judge you are the director of a rehabilitation group the individual being sentenced attended and have held this position for seven years. List Reasons for Leniency Write a paragraph about why the judge should be lenient when sentencing the individual being sentenced.

Use the notes you brainstormed earlier. Remember to go into as much detail as possible without being overly wordy. The more specific examples you can use, the better, as they really help paint a picture for the judge. Close the Letter Type a sentence or two long, informing the judge that you are available to talk if any further information is needed.

Remember to provide your contact information, such as your email or phone number. Then close the letter with a "Sincerely" or "Thank you" and your full name.

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Remember to sign the letter with your name using blue or black ink. Tip Use one-inch margins on all sides for the letter. Let the letter rest over night. Look at it again the next day and proofread it for clarity and proper spelling and grammar.

Ask a trusted friend to proofread the letter for you. Retype the letter to incorporate any changes. Don't forget to sign the letter.

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Write an appeal letter of course, a powerful appeal letter and HDB may just give you a one time waiver and let you off with a warning instead. How then should you write an appeal letter that is powerful enough to waive off the saman?

Speeding Offences. Sean Hardy is experienced at giving expert and strategic legal advice in relatation to all speeding offences. I copped a fine the other day and was wondering if the ACT had a system similar to NSW, where if you have not had a fine for 10 years you can simpily write a letter and state your circumstances and the fine is waived and a warning issued?

Writing a mitigation letter means you're asking the court for leniency in sentencing. Judges are free to consider almost any circumstance that justifies a lesser punishment, from lack of a prior criminal record to a recent bereavement that .

If you have difficulty paying off the speeding fine by the due date, you can ask Civic Compliance Victoria for: An extension of the due date; or A payment plan (e.g.

pay by instalments).

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