How to choose a car

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How to choose a car

The Manufacturers The choices seem endless.

How to choose a car

Descriptions like woven, non-woven, flannel, breathable, water-resistant, indoor, outdoor, and many others only seem to confuse the decision-making process when purchasing a car cover for your Mustang.

When you consider custom covers for all the various makes, models, and body styles in combination with the dozens of different fabrics, car cover manufacturers can offer thousands of different covers. CoverCraft alone offers nearly just for Mustangs. Of course, you know your Mustang's body style.

That's the easy part. But when it comes to choosing the right cover for your Mustang, you need to consider your car's situation, environment, and how the cover will be used, including whether or not you have kids with bikes or How to choose a car wife who thinks your Mustang's hood is a convenient place to stack the boxes filled with Christmas decorations.

First of all, you can narrow your selection considerably by determining if you need a woven or non-woven cover. Woven covers are typically thinner, which makes them easier to clean in the home washer and less bulky when storing in your trunk.

They also tend to have better airflow to prevent heat and moisture from building up underneath. Some have spandex added for stretch, which helps the cover retain its shape and fit snugly on the car.

Non-woven covers, like those made from the popular Evolution and Noah fabrics from Kimberly-Clark, are made from a polypropylene material and are typically multi-layer. Thanks to the layers, they are stronger and thicker than woven fabrics, but that also gives them an advantage for dent and ding protection.

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On the downside, the thickness makes them heavier and bulkier when storing, and you'll likely need to clean them in a large commercial washer, like those found at local laundromats. Like woven materials, non-wovens are usually treated for sun and water protection.

Even your basic flannel and polycotton. CoverCraft offers 13 different cover materials, and CoverKing has eight; most are available in custom-fit applications for Mustangs.

To help narrow down the choices for Mustang owners, we asked CoverCrafts' Rick Messmore for his advice on covers for the most common Mustang situations.

Weekend driver, kept in garage and used for shows and cruises on weekends: This is probably the most typical situation for Mustang Monthly readers, whether the Mustang is a nice '66 convertible or a brand-new Shelby GT With fabric made by Kimberly-Clark, the car is going to be just as clean when they uncover it as it was when they covered it up.

The drawback is that by bonding several different layers of non-woven material together, the Dustop covers tend to be bulkier than woven covers. The plus is that the multiple layers give you dent and ding protection, and they also prevent the dust from finding a pathway through the fabric and onto the car.

It works OK outside but has no water repellency. It's not intended for a lot of outdoor use. Or they could step up to WeatherShield or UltraTech, two woven materials that do a great job keeping the car clean, and they're pretty compact.

WeatherShield is our premium fabric with a patented finish that not only sheds water but also blocks dust. The wovens are easily maintained because you can throw them in the washer and dryer.

A clean cover helps keep the car cleaner. This is primarily the owner who lives in an apartment or has to keep his car overnight in the driveway. If it's an area with a lot of sun, then Evolution, which is a less expensive version of Noah, or Reflec'Tect, a woven polyester with a silver urethane coating.

They are better at keeping out the UV rays. In this case, we're thinking primarily collectors who keep their Mustangs in a warehouse or owners who store their cars inside during the winter. It provides dent and ding protection, plus the multi-layers prevent dust from going through it.

I've known guys with woodshops in their garages, and even with all the sawdust they can pull the cover off and the car is still clean. If they really want to pamper their Mustang, they can go to Form-Fit, made from a knit-polyester woven material. The outside is stretch knit and the inside is percent cotton loop that has been sheared, so it's pure cotton fleece against the paint.

It's very expensive but it does a great job and looks pretty on the car. However, for stocking reasons, they've narrowed their selection to four-Noah, Evolution 4, CoverBond, and Durafin. When I was using covers for my personal cars, I always used the Evolution 4.

I like the extra thickness, which isn't a bad thing when the cover is serving double-duty as the only cushion between the car and somebody's door.CAR WASH What makes us unique?

We really listen to our clients We use less water, We'll Clean promotes going green! We were the first and original hand car wash of its kind Servicing all types of vehicles over 25 years We love you and your car!

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How to choose a car

Finding a car that is safe is at the top of most buyer’s list of priorities. As drivers, we want to keep our loved ones safe, as well as ourselves. If you choose to use a seat belt to install your car seat, pay close attention to how to “lock” your seat belt according to the vehicle’s owner manual.

With a forward-facing car seat, use a tether if one is available.

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