Heinrich schleimen

His father, Ernst Schliemann, was a Lutheran minister. The family moved to Ankershagen in today their home houses the Heinrich Schliemann Museum. When he was eleven years old, his father paid for him to enroll in the Gymnasium grammar school at Neustrelitz. Schliemann later claimed that at the age of 7 he had declared he would one day excavate the city of Troy.

Heinrich schleimen

He thereby acquired sufficient wealth that he could pursue his passion for ancient Greek cities and treasures. Though he sought professional recognition, it eluded him, not only because of his lack of formal education, but also because of his low ethical and scientific standards.

Inwhen he was nine, his mother died. There is no question that this was a traumatic event for him later in life he developed a fetish for women named Sophie.

Heinrich schleimen

Heinrich was sent to live with his uncle. He enrolled in the gymnasium grammar school at Neustrelitz at age Heinrich schleimen His attendance was paid for by his father.

He was Heinrich schleimen for at least a year. Later he claimed that, as a boy, his interest in history was encouraged by his father, who, he said, had schooled him in the tales of the Iliad and the Odyssey and had given him a copy of Ludwig Jerrer's Illustrated History of the World for Christmas Schliemann also later claimed that at the age of eight he declared he would one day excavate the city of Troy.

It is unknown whether his childhood interest in and connection with the classics continued during his time at the gymnasium, but it is likely Heinrich schleimen he would have been further exposed to Homer.

It may be that he had just enough of a classical education to endow him with a yearning for it, when it was snatched from him: The accuracy of that information, along with many details in his diaries, however, is considered doubtful because of a pattern of prevarication that seems to have run through his life.

One example is the fact that he was found to have forged documents to divorce his wife and lied in order to obtain U.

Prevarication and a longing to return to the educated life and reacquire all the things of which he was deprived in childhood are thought by many to have been a common thread in Schliemann's life.

In his archaeological career, there was always a gulf separating Schliemann from the educated professionals; a gulf deepened by his tendency to pose as something he was not and at the same time a gulf that impelled him in his posing. After leaving the Realschule, Heinrich became a grocer's apprentice at age fourteen, for Herr Holtz's grocery in Furstenburg.

He labored in the grocery for five years, reading voraciously whenever he had a spare moment. InSchliemann fled to Hamburg and became a cabin boy on the Dorothea, a steamship bound for Venezuela. After twelve days at sea, the ship foundered in a gale, and the survivors washed up on the shores of the Netherlands.

Career as a businessman After the shipwreck, Schliemann underwent a brief period of being footloose in Amsterdam and Hamburg, at age This circumstance came to an end with his employment, inat the commodities firm of F.

He became a messenger, office attendant, and then bookkeeper there. On March 1,he changed jobs, going to work for B.

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There he showed such judgment and talent for the work that they appointed him as a general agent in to St. There, the markets were favorable and he represented a number of companies. Schliemann prospered, but how well is not known. In view of his experiences with his first wife, he probably did not become rich at that time.

He did learn Russian and Greek, employing a system that he used his entire life to learn languages—he wrote his diary in the language of whatever country he happened to be in.

Schliemann's ability with languages was an important part of his career as a businessman in the import trade. Inhe learned of the death of his brother, Ludwig, who had become wealthy as a speculator in the California gold fields.

Heinrich schleimen

Seeing the opportunity, Schliemann went to California in earlyand started a bank in Sacramento. The bank bought and resold over a million dollars in gold dust in just six months. The prospectors could mine or pan for the gold, but they had no way to sell it except to middlemen such as Schliemann, who made quick fortunes.

Later, Schliemann claimed to have acquired United States citizenship when California was made a state.Heinrich Schliemann: Heinrich Schliemann, German archaeologist and excavator of Troy, Mycenae, and Tiryns.

He is sometimes considered to be the modern discoverer of prehistoric Greece, though scholarship in the late 20th and early 21st centuries revealed that much self-mythologizing was involved in establishing his. Schliemann was a brilliant, gregarious, enormously talented, and extremely restless con man, who nevertheless changed the course of archaeology.

Heinrich Schliemann ( – ) was a German businessman and the real man who pioneered of field archaeology. He believed in the historical accuracy of Homer’s Iliad and Virgil’s Aeneid and that they told stories that reflected actual historical events. Heinrich Schliemann was an archaeologist with great persistence and a desire to discover.

Before him, not many believed in the historical accuracy of Homer ’s stories. Schliemann, however, had belief and a plan to uncover the famous city of Troy. Heinrich Schliemanns "Sammlung trojanischer Altertümer": Beiträge zur Chronik einer grossen Erwerbung der Berliner Museen (Berliner Beiträge zur Vor- und Frühgeschichte) (German Edition) by Heinrich Schliemann.

Heinrich Schliemann and Troy Schliemann’s Troy • but problems soon emerged with all of this – Priam’s treasure is a motley collection of artifacts attributable to various styles/periods – moreover, Troy at its prime peaked too early.

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