Freemark abbey winery case questions

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Freemark abbey winery case questions

Approximating Probability Distributions One possible approximation is obtained by the "stair-step" method yields the following: Here is the "" approximation, which we use to solve the decision tree: These two approximations are very close.

We will use the second one, the "" approach, because it has the three values actually assessed from our decision maker. Using the full "stair-step" method, approximate the cumulative distribution you assessed in Part F with a tree containing three branches.

This is a more accurate method than using the "" approximation. Compare the approximation you created in Step 1 to the results obtained from the "" approximation method.

Although less accurate, this is the approximation you should use in the decision tree in Part H. Decision Tree and Decision Tree Analysis 1. Optional Draw Freemark Abbey's decision tree for the choice between harvesting now or waiting. The influence diagram from Part D will help. Include in your tree an analysis of what Jaeger should do if it rains but the mold does not form.

Discuss the decision tree with your coach.

Freemark abbey winery case questions

A completed decision tree, with branch structure and labels, is attached. Calculate the value for each endpoint of the tree, based on information provided previously.

Freemark abbey winery case questions

You may use some of the information from Part E, the tornado diagram calculations. Places prices, any reputation values, and calculated net revenues in the columns of the table and the right side of the tree. The table on the next pages summarizes the data you need. Save the last column of the tree for Part I.

Assign probabilities to the tree, again relying on data provided previously and summarized on the next page 4. Evaluate the decision tree. Then sketch below the graph the flying bars and expected values for these two alternatives. Please make the following assumptions in the event of no rain: If the acid level stays above 0.

If the acid level drops below 0. Alice is really pushing the concept of bottling a thin wine and advertising it as Freemark Abbey "Lite. What's the best decision-harvest now or wait? What is the most the winery should pay for a better forecast?

Given that Jaeger Waits i. How much financial risk is involved in waiting? Specifically, what is the probability that if he waits, William will have an outcome lower than harvesting now?

To answer this question, you need to draw the cumulative probability distribution. What could Jaeger do to try to minimize the down side and maximize the up side?Case Preparation Discussion Questions: Freemark Abbey Winery Answer and be prepared to discuss the following questions: Draw a decision tree to depict the choices and possible events Jaeger is facing.

Quite a number of other Napa names contended in Paris - the Heitz Martha's Vineyard and Mayacamas Cabernets, for instance, along with wines from Clos du Val and Freemark Abbey. Introduction to Business Analytics MS in Business Analytics Program January Professor: Don Kleinmuntz prepared to discuss assigned case questions, though you will not be required to turn your answer in for grading.

Downloading prezi... The internal rate of return IRR and the net present value NPV The internal rate of return IRR and the net present value NPV techniques are 2 investment decision tools that satisfy the 2 major criteria for the correct evaluation of capital projects. This criterion is that the techniques should incorporate the use of cash flows and the use of the time value of money.
Freemark Abbey Cabernet Sauvignon :: Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Before the Pond As undergraduate at Cornell, John Williams obtains an internship at Taylor Wine Company, and discovers that a winery is full of tanks of booze, pretty girls giving tours and absolutely no cows unlike the dairy farm he grew up on.
1145-FIU01-MAN-6892-SECRX8C_EMBA_1145-52996 This wine was created and named in honor of which tastemaker?

1) Case: Freemark Abbey Winery. Harvard Business Case Frog’s Leap is bonded; winery makes its first wines, Sauvignon Blanc and Zinfandel, and has sold a case a week ever since!

vintner Chuck Carpy helps John to secure a loan and purchase the Red Barn from Freemark Abbey. People Express (A) case study solution, People Express (A) case study analysis, Subjects Covered Development stage enterprises Organizational design by Leonard A.

Schlesinger, Debra Whitestone Source: HBS Premier Case Collection 25 pag. post questions for discussions based on your article. These questions will be discussed at the end of your presentation. 2. In your presentation, briefly discuss: Freemark Abbey Winery Case Study Due: Construct a decision tree for Mr.

Jaeger based on the attached case study. (No Answer required) 5.

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