Disadvantages of large population of a

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Disadvantages of large population of a

Disadvantages of large population of a

Disadvantages limitations of convenience sampling Convenience sampling explained Imagine that a researcher wants to understand more about the career goals of students at the University of Bath.

These 10, students are our population N.

Disadvantages of large population of a

Each of the 10, students is known as a unit, a case or an object these terms are sometimes used interchangeably; we use the word unit. In order to select a sample n of students from this population of 10, students, we could choose to use a convenience sample.

A convenience sample is simply one where the units that are selected for inclusion in the sample are the easiest to access. This is in stark contrast to probability sampling techniqueswhere the selection of units is made randomly.

In our example of the 10, university students, we were only interested in achieving a sample size of students who would take part in our research. As such, we would continue to invite students to take part in the research until our sample size was reached.

Since the aim of convenience sampling is easy access, we may simply choose to stand at one of the main entrances to campus of the University of Bath where it would be easy to invite the many students that pass by to take part in the research.

Advantages of Disadvantages of large population of a sampling Convenience sampling is vey easy to carry out with few rules governing how the sample should be collected.

The relative cost and time required to carry out a convenience sample are small in comparison to probability sampling techniques. This enables you to achieve the sample size you want in a relatively fast and inexpensive way. The convenience sample may help you gathering useful data and information that would not have been possible using probability sampling techniques, which require more formal access to lists of populations [see, for example, the article on simple random sampling ].

For example, imagine you were interested in understand more about employee satisfaction in a single, large organisation in the US. You intended to collect your data using a survey.

The manager who has kindly given you access to conduct your research is unable to get permission to get a list of all employees in the organisation, which you would need to use a probability sampling technique such as simple random sampling or systematic random sampling.

However, the manager has managed to secure permission for you to spend two days in the organisation to collect as many survey responses as possible. You decide to spend the two days at the entrance of the organisation where all employees have to pass through to get to their desks.

Whilst a probability sampling technique would have been preferred, the convenience sample was the only sampling technique that you could use to collect data. Irrespective of the disadvantages limitations of convenience sampling, discussed below, without the use of this sampling technique, you may not have been able to get access to any data on employee satisfaction in the organisation.

Disadvantages limitations of convenience sampling The convenience sample often suffers from biases from a number of biases. This can be seen in both of our examples, whether the 10, students we were studying, or the employees at the large organisation.

In both cases, a convenience sample can lead to the under-representation or over-representation of particular groups within the sample. If we take the large organisation: It may be that the organisation has multiple sites, with employee satisfaction varying considerably between these sites. By conducting the survey at the headquarters of the organisation, we may have missed the differences in employee satisfaction amongst non-office workers.

We also do not know why some employees agreed to take part in the survey, whilst others did not. Was it because some employees were simply too busy? Did not trust the intentions of the survey? Did others take part out of kindness or because they had a particular grievance with the organisation?

These types of bias are quite typical in convenience sampling. Since the sampling frame is not know, and the sample is not chosen at random, the inherent bias in convenience sampling means that the sample is unlikely to be representative of the population being studied.

This undermines your ability to make generalisations from your sample to the population you are studying. Whilst convenience sampling should be treated with caution, its low cost and ease of use makes it the preferred choice for a significant proportion of undergraduate and master?Advantages and disadvantages of living in a big cityor a small town.

Download. Advantages and disadvantages of living in a big cityor a small town. Uploaded by. Tgc Aktn. institutions and more work places after ashio-midori.com in a big city with a large population you get used to making contacts andin this way you become more socialized.

Sep 12,  · The fact that population is currently declining in Europe will prove to be a very large problem in sustaining their programs. Military might: Population isn't everything in warfare - China has a huge army, but America could slaughter them with ease because of our ashio-midori.com: Resolved.

A smaller population means less pressure on infrastructure. Fewer houses, roads, bridges and buildings would need to be maintained, so the local government can .

The population of developed countries is ageing fast, and the developing world is only a few decades behind.

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The proportion of the population aged 65 and over is expected to triple in less developed countries over the next 40 years, rising from to 15 per cent of the total population, while in the more developed countries this figure is expected to rise from 16 to 26 per cent (an increase.

This entire population of people has to be accommodated in some living quarters which mean that there is a huge demand for hosing units. This great demand also leads to a sharp rise in the house.

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