Describe at least three potential indoor air quality hazards in your home what are possible health h

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Describe at least three potential indoor air quality hazards in your home what are possible health h

Negative Ion Generators top Most people have experienced the phenomenon of static electricity when rubbing their feet on carpet and obtaining a light electrical shock by touching a metal object.

But most people are not aware that static electrical charges are continuously being produced as the air circulates in a room and rubs against the surfaces of the room such as the walls, ceiling, and floors.

The walls, ceiling, and floor of the room are literally loaded with millions of these electrical charges.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

The materials used in modern construction of the walls, ceiling, and floors generally cause these electrical charges to be positive. What does this have to do with cleaning the air? Well, like charged particles repel one another. When a particulate such as smoke, pollen, dust, mold spore, bacterium, or large organic molecule comes in contact with the surfaces of the room, it also becomes positively charged.

The result is that these particles remain dispersed and suspended in the air you breath by static electrical forces.

Describe at least three potential indoor air quality hazards in your home what are possible health h

The particles are unable to precipitate out of the air. Negative ion generators do just that by emitting into the room large amounts of negatively charged particles which circulate in the room and neutralize the existing positively charged pollutant particles and room surfaces.

The reduction of the positive static electrical forces causes pollutants to fall out of the air resulting in clean fresh air for breathing. In addition to obtaining clean breathable air it has been shown that there are additional health benefits to balancing the indoor electrical charge.

Negative ion generators work well but are limited in their ability to remove small pollutant gas molecules from the air. Even when there is no electrical charge very small particles approaching the size of gas molecules will remain suspended by the constant collisions with other gas molecules called Brownian motion.

The primary drawback to this air cleaning technology is that it usually takes longer to experience an improvement in air quality after activating the machine and particles not only fall to the floor but they have a tendency to migrate toward the surfaces of the room and adhere to them.

This may cause slight discoloration of walls, ceiling, and accessories over a long period of time. Negative ion generators sometimes use a device to produce the negative ions called an ionizer. An ionizer will produce negative ions but it also produces ozone as a by-product.

We discuss ozone in the next section. It is possible to create negative ions without producing ozone. Ozone Generators top Ozone, sometimes called activated oxygen, is a form of oxygen with three oxygen atoms instead of two.

It is a very strong oxidizer and is unstable. Every twenty minutes half the ozone in the air naturally decays resulting in half the original level of ozone. For this reason, when ozone is used for air cleaning it must be continuously produced to maintain a sufficient quantity in the air to achieve a desired air cleaning result.

Describe at least three potential indoor air quality hazards in your home what are possible health h

How does ozone clean the air? Ozone generators emit ozone into the room where it circulates and chemically reacts with pollutants in the air.

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In most cases, the chemical reactions result in end products of oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water molecules, but there are no guarantees. It is possible that certain chemical reactions could actually produce toxic substances. In fact, ozone is toxic and hazardous if improperly used.

Most consumer oriented ozone generating machines do not have ozone sensors that self regulate the ozone output of the machines because of the excessive cost. Therefore, manufacturers generally designate that a particular model ozone generator be used in a certain size room so the level of ozone will not exceed safe limits.Half your life is your job, so settling a house, means settling half your life, unless your job is remote.

Long commutes is a thing you should put a second thought. It is better to be in the "center" of the job opportunities, unless you are a big fan of big buses or you want to be the next Nascar racer.

This Asbestos MSDS page contains an extensive guide to the products, sources, hazards, and tips regarding potentially deadly Asbestos fibers. The increased risk of these respiratory symptoms persisted for at least eight years after in utero exposure and was independent of many other indoor air pollutant exposures and potential confounding factors.

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what are the possible health impactsStatus: Resolved. Medical Air Filtration Guide. Air filtration products to prevent small particulate matter or micro-organisms from entering the body demands a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics of motion from which ideas on how to inhibit that motion may be developed.

by order of the secretary of the air force. air force occupational safety and health standard 7 july safety air force consolidated occupational safety standard.

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