Cloud computing by microsoft

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Cloud computing by microsoft

Collapse the table of content Expand the table of content This documentation is archived and is not being maintained. This documentation is archived and is not being maintained. Legal and Regulatory Issues Technological and security issues aside, there are also a host of other regulatory, compliance and legal issues to consider when moving to the cloud.

There are new laws being proposed that could change the responsibilities of both cloud computing tenants and providers. Regardless of which computing model you use, cloud or otherwise, you need to consider the legal issues, specifically those around any data you might collect, store and process.

Cloud computing by microsoft

There will likely be state, national or international laws you or, preferably, your lawyers will need to consider to ensure you are in legal compliance.

These laws might relate to where the data is stored or transferred, as well as how well this data is protected from a confidentiality aspect. Failure to adequately protect your data can have a number of consequences, including the potential for fines by one or more government or industry regulatory bodies.

Such fines can be substantial and potentially crippling for a small or midsize business.


Laws or regulations typically specify who within an enterprise should be held responsible and accountable for data accuracy and security.

The Gramm—Leach—Bliley Act is broader, specifying the responsibility for security with the entire board of directors. Less specific is the Federal Trade Commission FTCwhich just requires a specific individual to be accountable for the information security program within a company.

Third-Party Involvement If you use a cloud infrastructure sourced from a cloud services provider, you must impose all legal or regulatory requirements that apply to your enterprise on your supplier as well.

Taking the HIPAA regulations as an example, any subcontractors that you employ for example, a cloud services provider must have a clause in the contract stipulating that the provider will use reasonable security controls and also comply with any data privacy provisions.

In the United States, both federal and state government agencies such as the FTC and various attorneys general have made enterprises accountable for the actions of their subcontractors.

This has been replicated elsewhere, such as in the EU with the data protection agencies. As the use of cloud infrastructure becomes more prevalent, the risks of a third party accessing data illegally are rising as well.

Even with encrypted data, the third party might have access to keys and therefore have access to the underlying data. Often the risks are magnified, as there could be a number of third parties involved: Contractors who work for any of those organizations could further compound the dissipation in control.

Contractual Issues These are some of the issues you must consider at all stages of the contractual process:Cloud architecture is the systems architecture of the software systems involved in the delivery of cloud computing (e.g.

hardware, software) as designed by a cloud architect who typically works for a cloud typically involves multiple cloud components communicating with each other over application programming interfaces (usually web services).

Microsoft's cloud growth is outpacing AWS but it is still way behind the top dog of cloud infrastructure. Microsoft has introduced the Microsoft Cloud Society Program to identify and engage with passionate and influential cloud computing focused experts from the industry.

Microsoft Cloud Society is a program designed to support you in becoming a world-class expert in the space of cloud computing. In February , Microsoft released Microsoft Azure, which was announced in October In July , Rackspace Hosting and NASA jointly launched an open-source cloud-software initiative known as OpenStack project intended to help organizations offering cloud-computing services running on standard hardware.

Jul 19,  · The cloud computing market is booming, but companies are leery of relying on one tech giant. That is helping Microsoft. Microsoft Access and Cloud Computing with SQL Azure Databases (Linking to SQL Server Tables in the Cloud) Written by: Luke Chung, President About Cloud Computing.

We at FMS are very excited about cloud computing and started developing solutions using Microsoft Azure including SQL Azure well before it was released to the general public.

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