Choreographer busby berkeleys contributions to film essay

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Choreographer busby berkeleys contributions to film essay

Busby Berkeley — Busby Berkeley was a Hollywood movie director and musical choreographer.


Berkeley devised elaborate musical numbers that often involved complex geometric patterns. Berkeleys works used large numbers of showgirls and props as fantasy elements in kaleidoscopic on-screen performances, Berkeley was born in Los Angeles, California, to stage actress Gertrude Berkeley.

Whether he was actually christened Busby Berkeley William Enos, or Berkeley William Enos, in addition to her stage work, Gertrude played mother roles in silent films while Berkeley was still a child. Watching soldiers drill may have inspired his later complex choreography, during the s, Berkeley was a dance director for nearly two dozen Broadway musicals, including such hits as A Connecticut Yankee.

As a choreographer, Berkeley was less concerned with the skill of his chorus girls as he was with their ability to form themselves into attractive geometric patterns. His musical numbers were among the largest and best-regimented on Broadway, berkeleys top shot technique appeared seminally in the Cantor films, and also the Universal drama film Night World.

As choreographer, Berkeley was allowed a degree of independence in his direction of musical numbers. Berkeleys popularity with an entertainment-hungry Great Depression audience was secured when he choreographed four musicals back-to-back for Warner Bros.

In particular, the numbers have been critiqued for their display of the form as seen through the male gaze. Berkeley always denied any deep significance to his work, arguing that his professional goals were to constantly top himself. Berkeley had several well-publicized run-ins with MGM stars such as Judy Garland, inhe was removed as director of Girl Crazy because of disagreements with Garland, although the lavish musical number I Got Rhythm, which he directed, remained in the picture.

Berkeley returned to MGM in the late s, where many other accomplishments he conceived the Technicolor finales for the studios Esther Williams films.

Berkeleys final film as choreographer was MGMs Billy Roses Jumbo, in the late s, the camp craze brought the Berkeley musicals back to the forefront 2.

Jerry Wald — Jerry Wald was an American screenwriter and a producer of films and radio programs.

Choreographer busby berkeleys contributions to film essay

Although he never won a competitive Academy Award, he was awarded the Irving G. Jerry Wald, was a close friend to Joan Crawford in the forties, offering her many parts often considered to be the of career including Mildred Pierce.

He convinced director Michael Curtis that she could do the picture and that she would succeed in the role, after her career at Warners fizzled out slowly even though she wished to remain with Warners, after years of reinventing herself, she bought out her contract. Afterwards, she bought the rights to a screenplay called Sudden Fear which brought her a third Academy Award nomination for Best Actress in Jerry Wald remains as a producer and after the movies he made with Joan Crawford.

Of Irish descent, he often played Irish and Irish-American characters and was referred to as Hollywoods Irishman in Residence in the press, one of the best-known screen actors of the s and s, he played priests, cops, military figures, pilots, and reporters.

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His grandfather, Patrick OBrien, for whom he was named, was an architect who was killed trying to break up a saloon fight in New York City.Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin Free Essay: Choreographer Busby Berkeley’s Contributions to Film Berkeley’s creations were not meant to focus on dance.

He envisioned an overall moving. Mar 14,  · Busby Berkeley (born Berkeley William Enos ; November 29, – March 14, ) was an American movie director and musical choreographer.

Choreographer busby berkeleys contributions to film essay

Berkeley devised elaborate musical production numbers that often involved complex geometric patterns. For her contributions to the entertainment industry, Brazilian musician Caetano Veloso wrote about Miranda's legacy in a New York Times essay, "For generations of musicians who were adolescents in the second half of the s and became adults at the height of the Brazilian military dictatorship and the international wave of counterculture.

A number of flying scenes were set at the Oakland Airport, the films musical numbers feature some of choreographer Busby Berkeleys earliest film work. Flying High was received well by critics, here there is comedy, a few songs and some excellent groupings of dancing girls.

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