Balance sheet and relatively reliable documentation

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Balance sheet and relatively reliable documentation

It is an audio volume control and input channel selector with a minimalistic passive design: It is a true attenuator, and it does not add any distortion to the audio signal. This attenuator design inherits important concepts of my earlier RelaiXed preamplifier designs: It uses tiny relays for volume control and input selection.

The volume control provides 64 steps with approximately 1dB step size. The high-quality relays and resistors provide a superb audio quality maintained over a very long lifetime.

It uses a small frontpanel PCB for control: The controller firmware can be easily updated through USB. It uses both software control and hardware design enhancements to avoid clicks in the audio signal when adjusting volume.

The design comes with complete schematics and open source code of the embedded controller software. The avoidance of clicks in the audio signal is the major improvement with respect to my original attenuator design of several years back, and distinguishes this design from relay-attenuators from some other sources.

Note that a soft mechanical clicking noise is still emitted by the relays themselves. This attenuator specifically targets the DIY high-end audio hobbyist, and aims at integration in the same cabinet with some power amplifier of your choice. Integration with a power amplifier avoids longer cinch cables and connectors at the output of the attenuator.

Due to the relatively high output resistance of a passive volume control, passive attenuators in general are sensitive to cable quality and cable type.

Integration with the power amplifier removes this sensitivity.


To take further benefit from the IR remote control in the amplifier integration, this design comes with remote control for the power switch, including soft-start functionality. This avoids the need for the typical thermistors, that are used to reduce rush-in currents for larger transformers.

The on-board small transformer for stand-by power, and the fuses for the control and the mains power output, simplify the wiring in your amplifier chassis. If you do not trust this mains power switching so nearby to the precious audio signals, the board allows you separate it into two parts: After separation, each board still provides 4 mounting holes, and 4 low-voltage wires are needed for their interconnection.

The main difference with the RelaiXed preamp is of course its passive nature, and the use of standard single-ended, "RCA" cinch connected audio as opposed to a balanced XLR design. Furthermore, this passive attenuator does not offer left-right balance control, which is available in the full Relaixed preamp.

These are very good resistors for high-end audio, obviously surpassing the cheap smaller SMD resistors. Their quality can be seen for instance from their 'current noise' specification, rivalled by hardly any alternatives: Design and build information April 3, To save on my own hobby-time, I will not provide support anymore on this design for new interested builders.

As dedicated audio hobbyist, you might re-produce a set of PCBs for yourself or a few friends.Economic Balance Sheet As part of the Bermuda Monetary Authority’s (BMA) final push Given the relatively short implementation timetable in Bermuda, it will be important to 4.

Documentation and rationale for treatment of binary (or significant loss) events; 5. Trial runs were found to be the only. RelaiXedPassive -- audio attenuator. Introduction. This RelaixedPassive is the latest of my RelaiXed designs. It is an audio volume control and input channel selector with a minimalistic passive design: there are are no active parts in the audio path: no transistors, opamps, tubes.

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Balance sheet and relatively reliable documentation

Chapter 7 # 30 a. Give three examples of relatively reliable documentation and three examples of less reliable documentation. What characteristics distinguish the two? Examples of relatively reliable documentation are: vendor statements, bank statements. And signed lease agreements.

Examples of relatively unreliable documentation are: .

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