An argument against subscribing to aol

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An argument against subscribing to aol

Thursday 20th September last updated Monthly Release Highlights: National Company Law Tribunal, as well as relevant Appellate Tribunals and other courts are tackled by us and practical solutions provided.

People from all over the country and abroad are phoning us, then visiting us and getting solutions to their DRT, Securitisation, Recovery of Debts and Bankruptcy Act and related legal problems.

Please visit other pages of this site dealing with all these aspects and solutions relating to DRT i. We advise advocates on use of latest video and presentation technology in office as well as in court rooms.

DRT Solutions, Debts Recovery Tribunal, Notice 13(2), NPA,13(4), SA, Counterclaim

There are 39 DRTs in the country. Due to application of latest electronic technology, the cause lists of the DRTs are published on the internet on daily basis. You get instantaneous advice on our mobile no. Any new comer to this site must go through all the DRT weekly mails right from the issue no 1 to the latest.

If possible please spread the reference of this web site and the DRT weekly mail among the persons, borrowers, guarantors and DRT litigants who are the bank victims. These DRT weekly mails are free of cost. If anyone desires to get these DRT mails regularly, he may write to us for inclusion of his e-mail ID in the regular mailing list.

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The DRT weekly mail is issued on every Friday morning before 12 noon. The particular issue of the DRT weekly mail is first published on the web site and then mails are sent.

These DRT weekly mails have become quite popular among the borrowers and guarantors in the country as we are getting huge no of mails appreciating the same. We welcome suggestions for improvements as well as the topics on which more information is required.

The move is aimed at helping reduce pendency of cases in the 39 DRTs in the country.

An argument against subscribing to aol

As a result, no bank or financial institution or a consortium of banks or financial institutions can approach the DRTs if the amount due is less than Rs 20 lakh.

According to RBI data on global operations with provisional data as on Marchan aggregate amount of Rs 3,98, crore was written off by banks over the last four financial years.

Over the same period, their NPAs declined by Rs 2,57, crore due to recoveries. The borrowers of such loans continue to be liable for repayment even when the loans have been removed from the balance sheet of the bank s concerned.

To make the tribunals more effective and to facilitate disposal of debt recovery cases, the government has made several amendments in different laws, including the SARFAESI Act. Subsequently several borrowers approached us to provide the full text of the said judgments.

Hence we have now started providing full texts of such judgments on our this web site itself. Since the advocates are quite busy in their routine work, we have marked the important portion of such judgments in Red as well as our comments.

Thus with passage of time, a library of important judgments with full text in soft copies and important portions marked in Red is being built up on the internet at our web site.

An argument against subscribing to aol

The borrowers should go through such judgments periodically and apprise their advocates. It is needless to mention that such valuable information is free of cost in the best interests of borrowers and guarantors.

You may therefore spread the word among the litigant borrowers, guarantors and their advocates to visit the above link periodically. If one finds judgments useful and favourable to the borrowers and guarantors, he may mail the full text of such judgment for publication on our web site. We have come to know that SLP filed by the State Govt has been rejected by the Supreme Court in limine and hence this judgment has become absolute.

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