Americanized or europeanized

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Americanized or europeanized

If one organization cannot keep up with the other, so be it. Not everyone can be a doctor, not every city can be a major city. Has it not been acknowledged anyway the worst ratings for the Stanley Cup playoffs have featured the teams you want so much to have parity for.

You are defending a system that anyone who had motivation to could bring down in a big enough legal fight for being basically being a cartel except MLB. The fact that the drafts of various leagues Americanized or europeanized been weakened with prior challenges shows the draft is a system that might not stand up in court. Customer reviews: Kafka on the Shore

What does it say when a sports league needs lobbyists in the same way other industries do to preferential treatment? I both agree and disagree with you on this topic. While the fans in Europe may not have to wait around to see if their team will exists the next day in limbo, there are still fans that are perpetually stuck in limbo cheering on a team that cannot compete.

I guess they could switch teams, but is it really any fun to just hop on the bandwagon of the richest team?

Americanized or europeanized

That is what the European model forces fans to do more or less. However, I do agree that the NHL is more concerned with their league than the actual game. Their intentions are right I feel, and growing the game in America is important. But, by using the European model, the chance to grow the game I feel would be diminished.

The talent pool would become shallow, and the game would suffer, and so would the fan bases Right now, a concentration of talent and competitiveness is the only way to make hockey work in North America. I guess I just like the organization of American sport, and I mean organization in the literal sense there.

The European model just seems too discombobulated. Sports is entertainment at the end of the day, so whatever produces the best product is the better system in my opinion. Equal competition in my perspective is what determines the level of entertainment that is produced.

Americanized or europeanized

I see more competitive leagues coming out of salary capped leagues as opposed to richest team spends most and wins leagues. Therefore, I still must say that American sport, and salary caps are, in my opinion, the best route to take for the sport.

See, I actually am finding out where I agree too with you. Is your main problem the salary cap or the fact that 50, teams could potentially move up and down in leagues during a given year?

Maybe I should just say my main gripes with the NA system. Salary cap in one league in Europe would never work. It would make European Competition unfair.

But in order for that to work in NA, there would have to be many more teams in each respective league. Your right, now that you mention it I have heard that before. European clubs sometimes define their season as a success in a different way thats not as obvious to North American fans.

In fact, I think the only fans that can relate are College football fans who consider a season a success only if a rival is defeated. I understand you want one single trophy at the end of the season. I can appreciate that sometimes theres more to a season then just the one single trophy at the end of the season I guess.How to use Americanize in a sentence.

to cause to acquire or conform to American characteristics See the full definition. SINCE Menu. JOIN MWU Gain access to thousands of additional definitions and advanced search features—ad free!

JOIN NOW Americanized; Americanizing. transitive verb. 1. With each subsequent generation, this argument goes, immigrant children spend less time with other immigrant children and more time with Americanized ones and, therefore, feel negative peer. Americanize - make American in character; "The year in the US has completely Americanized him" Americanise alter, change, modify - cause to change; make different; cause a transformation; "The advent of the automobile may have altered the growth pattern of the city"; "The discussion has changed my thinking about the issue".

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Europeanize definition is - to cause to acquire or conform to European characteristics. to cause to acquire or conform to European characteristics See the full definition. Europeanized; Europeanizing. transitive verb: to cause to acquire or conform to European characteristics.

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