Advantages and disadvantages mobile phone in urdu

Old Bangla Song At the current rate of poverty reduction, Bangladesh will require years to eliminate poverty in rural areas and 43 years to achieve the prime target of the Millennium Development Goals, a report prepared by a research organisation, Unnayan Onneshan, claims. Recent Preliminary Report of the Poverty Monitoring Survey by the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics shows that the incidence of poverty by head count ratio on the basis of Food Energy Intake was The poverty rate declined by 2. According to the Direct Calorie Intake method, the household income expenditure survey of shows that poverty declined from

Advantages and disadvantages mobile phone in urdu

What is the best way to find job in Dubai? So how is it that I have helped so many people gets job? Let me share with you the secret which no one will tell you. No one checks the authenticity of these documents. All you have to do is show your degree once - for the legal stamping of your visa.

Then no one bothers. The second most important person to know is the Receptionist.

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Both these individuals can tell you all the information you need to know about the company. And yes, the person who can ensure you get a job or your Resume gets forwarded to the right person or is kept on the decision makers desk. In fact, even in multinational companies I have managed to jump over and help candidates who were my clients to meet the final decision maker only because the decision maker knew me and trusted me.

Simply because during the bidding and meetings - the Westerner gets more respect than even me. In fact when I have taken my westerner employee with me - most people think he is my boss and I am the employee. That is the mentality of people here in the construction industry.

I am an Indian and I am the perfect person to say this.

Advantages and disadvantages mobile phone in urdu

The best employees in the Middle East - are Indians. The worst employers in the Middle East - are Indians. As an employee - they are ready to work for cheap.

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I have personally witnessed this myself! All they request for is if you can give them food, accommodation and a promise about a future that looks amazing.

And as an employer - there is no one worse than an Indian. I have worked with Indian employers and I know how they play around. The Indian population is so large and there so many Indians who want to escape UAE - you will be shocked how easy it is get someone, manipulate someone and make them work for you.

How to LIE to get a job and also how to get away with it. Yes, yes, now you hate me and you will downvote me and call me a person with no ethics. But hear me out. What solution does a single mother with 4 children have when she comes to you asking you for help because the job she desperately needed - the potential employer asked her for an indecent favor in exchange for a job?

Or what do you do when a young man knows he will go to jail for his unpaid loan and needs a job asap and there is nothing available?


I am not playing god here or I am not justifying my actions. I am wrong and I am a sinner. But in the dog-eat-dog world, the law of the jungle rules. Would you believe if I tell you this - that in UAE people take commissions for help others to get a job? Now you may say - nah.

Not in UAE of course. How I know this?WOMEN PROJECT.

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Advantages and disadvantages mobile phone in urdu

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If you're like us and many other Sikhs around the world, you've been using the windows mobile/iPhone/other device to read gurbani with. Although reading bani is a very healing process, reading it on a traditionally backlit TFT screen is not good for your eyes.

Occupational Injury and Illness Recording and Reporting Requirements--NAICS Update and Reporting Revisions.

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