A review of the episodes of seinfeld and reasons for shows success

Spoilers It's a deeply flawed episode, with some redeeming features. The thing about the Nazis, is that they're not funny. That might come off as too obvious, I guess, but Sometimes the hard thing is dealing with it, dealing with the truth, even if it's ugly, and I think that sometimes we're tempted to sorta turn away from what we know because it's easier if something is no big deal

A review of the episodes of seinfeld and reasons for shows success

With each episode often comprised of four self-contained storylines, the fashion in which the show was able to juggle the separate plots is perhaps more impressive than getting away with having a show be about so little. Outrageously funny, Seinfeld continues to be enjoyed to this day by thousands.

The following are the 10 best episodes of the show, no small feat to rank as even a top list would still leave out amazing episodes. The fact that the show is able to use this term as loosely as it does and in a humorous sense without malice is a testament to the strong writing and charm of the show.

The first episode to truly be about nothing, the entire plot is contained in a restaurant with the group attempting to acquire a table for their meal. The episode plays out in real time with all 22 minutes flying by during their wait. This is the format that Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David envisioned for Seinfeld from the beginning; however, the network was hesitant about allowing the show to really be about nothing.

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With the overall success of this episode, Seinfeld was permitted to continue this trend with episodes playing out in real-time and limiting themselves to seemingly mundane daily activities.

In reality, any fan of the show would be hard-pressed not to think of Seinfeld when they hear the phrase now. Fortunately, the episode is one of the best of the series and not only the platform for an amazing phrase.

Tim Whatley and has converted to Judaism, to the chagrin of Jerry. Jerry believes that Tim has converted solely for the purpose of using jokes associated with the religion. The concept is absurd yet hysterical. As a total package, the episode features some of the best guest stars and the funniest lines of the series and has cemented itself as one of the best episodes of the series.

George is set up by Jerry with a former classmate only to learn that Jerry has misled her in believing that George is a marine biologist. Going through with the lie, George nearly pulls it off until he reveals the truth at the end.

While George becomes increasingly intelligent to the point of absurdity, Elaine seemingly becomes dim and easily entertained. Not knowing how to fill the time, Jerry enlists the help of George and his newfound intelligence.

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The result is devastatingly predictable as George is never one to count on. After calculating his odds of ever having another chance with a Portuguese waitress, George concludes his abstinence and returns to his lovable self.

A photo of the shirt in question is all that is needed to raise laughter in the room. Fortunately, this episode is more than a prop gimmick and is another piece of pure gold. A fashion trend well ahead of its time, the puffy shirt is an atrocious piece of clothing that gives the appearance of a pirate.

Meanwhile, George becomes a hand model, leading to some excellent throwbacks: Divisive among fans, there are those that find the episode overrated, but that is far from reality.

A review of the episodes of seinfeld and reasons for shows success

Slightly confusing at first, the episode relishes in the notion that time and space are not essential and a story can be told regardless of the order. Yes, if the episode was told in the correct order it would place much lower; however, the beauty of the episode is the backtracking itself and how inconsequential it proves to be.

Throughout the episode, George acts in the opposite fashion that he normally would and experiences tremendous results that are far too surreal but absolutely hilarious. This episode concludes with George landing a job with the New York Yankees, which would be an excellent addition to the show.

As well, this episode features an appearance from Regis and Kathie Lee, whose interaction with Kramer goes about as well as expected.

George would ditch this concept entirely during the following season with no mention of his opposite success ever again. Truly a masterful piece of writing, the language jokes and euphemisms present are a work of art.

The episode itself is the peak of Seinfeld and has influenced many groups of friends to no doubt have a similar wager themselves.qelooejay reviewed Seinfeld and gave it stars.

Share your own opinion of Seinfeld on SideReel. Seinfeld - The Complete Series is a disc collection of all nine seasons of the show. Though a latecomer to the TV-on-DVD game, once the season sets started getting released in late , the long delay was more than made up for.

I caught a few episodes of Seinfeld over it's final two seasons run on public channel, and made it a point to catch a lot more of Jerry and friends during it's reruns. maybe this is the reason because they couldn't success in other shows.

The writers who could do 8 seasons of a "show about nothing" doing each episode funnier than the last. Seinfeld Reviews & Ratings 9 seasons, episodes. Concluded. Add to List. Please choose a reason why this review is inappropriate.

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There are shows in this series that hurt my stomach making me laugh so hard. It is a show that came to redefine a modern era sitcom. You join some of the most heartless NY'ers on the face of the planet in. What ever happened to the women Jerry Seinfeld dated on the show?

By Lela Ordinaev, Apr 3, Since starting out with appearances on shows like Seinfeld, Kristin has become popular with turns in hit shows such as True Blood and Once Upon a Time.

and that’s because she appeared in two different episodes of Seinfeld. She also . Jerry Seinfeld stars in this television comedy series as himself, a comedian. The premise of this sitcom is Jerry and his friends going through everyday life, discussing various quirky situations, to which we can all relate (especially if we live in New York City).

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