A lonely road

There were so many things happening in my life at the time when this event occurred.

A lonely road

Best-selling, award-winning novels and books explore our changing world. Scientist NASA adviser, astrophysicist, futurist, tech-punditforecaster. A long, lonely road — but if you are a daring writer, you will always be poking away at new things and exploring new ground.

Writing is a worthy calling — one that can, at times, achieve great heights that ennoble the human race. Actually, I believe writing was the first truly verifiable and effective form of magic.

Think of how it must have impressed people in ancient times!

A lonely road

To look at marks, pressed into fired clay, and know that they convey the words of scribes and kings long dead — it must have seemed fantastic.

Knowledge, wisdom and art could finally accumulate, and death was cheated one part of its sting. Still, let me admit and avow that writing was not my own first choice of a career. True, I came from a family of writers.

It was in my blood. But I wanted something else — to be a scientist. And by the fates, I became one. I also had this hobby though — writing stories — and it provided a lot of satisfaction. I always figured that I'd scribble a few stories a year Don't mistake this for modesty! It's just that I perceive science — the disciplined pursuit of truth — to be a higher calling than spinning imaginative tales, no matter how vivid, innovative, or even deeply moving those tales may turn out to be.

I know this seems an unconventional view — certainly my fellow scientists tell me so, as they often express envy — an envy that I find bemusing.

As for the artists and writers I know, they seem almost universally convinced that they stand at the pinnacle of human undertakings. Doesn't society put out endless propaganda proclaiming that entertainers are beings close to gods?

Ever notice how this propaganda is feverishly spread by the very people who benefit from the image? Don't you believe it. They are getting the whole thing backwards. Oh, don't get me wrong; art is a core element to being human. We need it, from our brains all the way down to the heart and gut.

Art is the original "magic. As author Tom Robbins aptly put it: But don't listen when they tell you the other half — that art and artists are rare.

Have you ever noticed that no human civilization ever suffered from a deficit of artistic expression?

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Art fizzes from our very pores! How many people do you know who lavish time and money on an artistic hobby? Some of them quite good, yet stuck way down the pyramid that treats the top figures like deities.

If all of the professional actors and entertainers died tomorrow, how many days before they were all replaced? Whether high or low, empathic or vile — art seems to pour from Homo Sapiens, almost as if it were a product of our metabolism, a natural part of ingesting and excreting.

Art may be essential and deeply human, but it ain't rare.Everlast - Lonely Road (Tab) - ashio-midori.com So then, to Lonely Road. The story is a primitive espionage thriller: Malcolm Stevenson, a wealthy, middle-aged shipbuilder is drawn into an international Communist conspiracy when, on a drunken drive home to his coastal estate, he stops his car and accidentally discovers and is assaulted by gun-runners unloading their cargo on English shores.

Jun 05,  · hot desi savita bhabi walk on the hill road, wearing yellow salwar - new Mike Farris - Lonely Road Lyrics. The day I let your dreams Get lost in the moment And the time I let my faith Get jaded and folded And all my strength, And all my will Is a. A Lonely Road by Sameer ashio-midori.com are short you are long you are straight and you are curved Sometimes leveled sometimes debris is your form You take everyone everywhere no.

Page5/5(1). The decision to follow Jesus is one we must make for ourselves. It is never a group thing, but an individual choice that may take us down a lonely road.

But Jesus always journeys with us.